Workflow - your business logic

Control your business instead of it controlling you

The backbone of MySys is the same as the backbone of your business, and that is users performing tasks according to your business processes and procedures.

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MySys does not force you to conform your business to a set of logic that is different to what you do in practice. The sequence of tasks required to get to a sale, for all the different goods and services that you offer, can all be set up to to mirror your current procedures in the administration area of MySys.

Job workflow task list

Job workflow task graph

This has the profound effect that when a specific type of sale is made, all the tasks to deliver that job are automatically assigned to the appropriate staff member responsible for executing them. Visual cues and intelligent sorting indicate which tasks command the highest priority.

The end result is that all projects progress through your business with a readily identifiable status at any time, and users are automatically assigned the next appropriate task for each job in progress as soon as it is due to be done.

MySys workflows have the ability to control your enquiries from client contact right through to project completion with the confidence that your business systems are being followed every time.

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