People - your greatest asset

Focussed and doing business your way

In all businesses, client relationships matter.

Our integrated Customer Relations Manager lets you track, record and strategise client contact.

The MySys CRM is integrated throughout the system, allowing you to automatically insert any client details into projects, quotes, jobs, documents and emails. Whether an individual, company, prospect or supplier, MySys can automatically populate the appropriate contact details (with fallbacks) into documents, forms, and certificates together with details of the quote, job, or even stock.

CRM contact list

Save time and improve efficiency

By having instant access to client details, including contact information, office location, notes, ABN, and MYOB details to name a few. 

With advanced data and communication integrated throughout, you can save time by sending emails and documents from any area in the system.

CRM contact details

Spend less time writing in your inbox, with predesigned email templates catering for every type of letter, request or form you commonly send. Together with these, instantly attach relevant PDF documents generated by the system, with both client and job details already in there, and you've got a blazingly fast solution.

MySys allows you to spend your time doing what you do best — running your business, improving sales and sharing the profits.

CRM Mailchimp campaign content preview

Email Direct Marketing

For your next EDM campaign, integrate your MySys clientbase details with MailChimp for professional and personalised email campaigns, with overall and individual reporting so you can easily see how clients interact with each campaign. The MySys CRM integrates with your MailChimp list and stays synchronised, by updating the list automatically on every new person, company or detail addition or change.

Check which campaigns were sent to each client, and which responded most successfully. Need a professionally designed and developed campaign, compatible with all devices? We can help you with that as well.

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